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Abbeyview, Glastonbury

Abbeyview, Glastonbury


We were brought into this project once plans had already been drawn up.

As the client’s situation had changed, and she had moved to another part of the country, she now needed someone to oversee the project for her.

This was an attractive, Grade II Listed house, with views of the abbey and an interesting history.

It had originally been a slaughterhouse and then at some point in its past a brick façade and symmetrical windows were added to give it the appearance of a townhouse.

Inside, however, it was still essentially a cottage.

It was therefore a case of carrying out a sensitive restoration, while also making to suitable as a modern place to stay and holiday let.

Inside, we opened the kitchen and dining room up, to create one attractive – and very practical – space.

We tried to leave as much of the fabric and essential character of the property as possible, reusing original materials, such as tiles, whenever we could.

Where replacement materials had to be used, we sourced reclaimed items.

The client was guided by us when it came to the interior design of the property, choosing paints from heritage ranges, plus other flooring and fittings, to blend in.