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Street in Glastonbury

PROJECT: Complete property renovation

WHERE: Street, near Glastonbury


This renovation was completed during the difficulties of the pandemic.


Q: How did SPS come to be involved in your project?

A: My husband and I found a property we liked, as it had lots of potential, but that we knew required renovation.  At the time, I was on maternity leave with a five-month-old daughter so I wanted someone who could project manage the renovations because I felt I had more than enough on my plate! I did some research and found Steve’s website…and I’m so glad I did!


Q: Why did you decide to work with the company?

A: Steve came to the property with me prior to purchase to assess what would need to be done, provide his expert opinion and estimate the cost of the renovations so we could decide if it was viable.  From this very first meeting, I knew that Steve was the man for the job.  He was so professional and organised, and it was clear that he knew his stuff.  He came back to me that evening with a clear estimate in a spreadsheet and then I knew he was on my wavelength!


Q: How did the project go?

A: The estimate in terms of time and budget was very accurate; although, we finished two weeks ahead of schedule thanks to Steve’s hard work. What I liked about working with Steve was that he is so on the ball and organised that I never, ever had to chase anything.  He would always come to me ahead of time for my input or when we were required to do or order something.  The work was managed so effectively that there were contractors in from the day we exchanged contracts on the house because Steve was proactive in contacting the estate agents to arrange for his contacts to quote for and schedule in the work. Similarly, there wasn’t a single day that someone wasn’t at the house – and this was not easy to organise especially given the Covid-19 restrictions at the time.


Q: How were the costs on the project?

A: Steve is very transparent when it comes to costs so you always know what’s coming, and when, and if there is anything that may affect budget. He always negotiated prices with suppliers that were far more competitive than we could have achieved on our own and he also provided different price options or alternative ideas that were always helpful.


Q: Were you happy with the results?

A: Steve is a perfectionist – as were all his contacts that worked on the house for us – we couldn’t have asked for a better team. I trusted Steve’s judgment so much that I often told him he could do whatever he though was best because he really understood what we wanted and what our budget was. I wanted someone to take the stress out of the renovations for me and that is exactly what Steve did.  Steve goes way above and beyond expectations and I would not hesitate to recommend him.  We have a phase two of renovations planned for a garage conversion and Steve will absolutely be doing this for us!