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PROJECT: To prepare a house for sale

WHERE: Westbury-sub-Mendip, Somerset

The client contacted Somerset Property Solutions seeking a project manager to oversee work on her property.


Q: Tell us a little about the project?


A: We needed some work done to the house in order to prepare and present it ready for sale. As we both work full time and are very busy I wondered whether there would be someone who might be able to manage this project of multiple different repairs, maintenance and enhancements requiring a wide range of trades.


Q: Why did you decide to work with Somerset Property Solutions?


A: I found the website in which projects were described and showcased with exactly the kind of input and results we were looking for. From first contact it was clear that Steve was both extremely professional and experienced, as well as very personable and a brilliant communicator. He instilled tremendous confidence and trust, and was very clear on what he could bring to the project and how his fees would be charged. He offered a unique service and was an absolutely perfect choice for the project.


Q: What is Somerset Property Solutions bringing to the project?


A: Calm and order! Steve took all the pressure off, organised everything, and brought quality tradespeople on board who would otherwise have been hard to find. Steve also had ideas that we would never have come up with ourselves, with potentially large benefits in terms of marketing and saleability. Steve is meticulously accurate and fair with his own invoices, and communication is excellent.


Q: How is the project going?


A: Everything has run smoothly so far. Works completed to date have been done to a high standard and have been stress-free. Any minor hiccups have been dealt with promptly and effectively by Steve. We are now looking forward to completion in the next few months.


Q: Has it been worth using a project manager?


A: Yes. I would definitely advise other people to consider using Somerset Property Solutions and to meet with Steve to discuss their projects. The savings in time and hassle are so huge and Steve can negotiate some better prices. He also has a real sense of how to get the best out of a property and loves what he does – this generates ideas, and drives the project forward in order to meet deadlines.