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Croscombe Home Rennovation


In a sought-after village in a conservation area near Shepton Mallet, this two-bedroom stone-built house needed full renovation. Walls were removed on the L-shaped ground floor to create an open flow and minimise wasted space. This time the fireplace had been walled up and needed to be completely dug out. A Victorian bedroom fireplace was also discovered and restored. Pine floorboards on the first floor were exposed, sanded and varnished, and a combination of fine wool carpet and engineered oak was used on the ground floor.

old living room

Fireplace before/after

old fireplacerestored firepalce cast iron

Bedroom fireplace before/after

Master bedroom before restorationMaster bedroom after restoration

Master bedroom before/after

bathroom before rennovationbathroom after rennovation

Bathroom suite before/after

Gallery kitchen before/after: New wooden floor cut into stone

bathroom after rennovation

Bathroom tiling before/after