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Honeymead, Croscombe

Honeymead, Croscombe

Honeymead was an interesting project for us as it took us in a completely different direction. For the first time ever, we ventured into modernising and upgrading a mid-20th century house – and the results were very pleasing.

The house was an ex-local authority property, and our aim was to given it a complete facelift. This involved installing a plumbing system, as well as a new bathroom and kitchen. We gave it a bright, new interior, which was simple yet stylish.

Outside, there was a good-sized garden, which we landscaped and made ready for the new owners.

Honeymead was sold to a young couple who were seeking their first home together. They are thrilled with the property and are living there very happily now. We enjoyed the experience of working on it and now, as we move forward, hope to focus on a more diverse range of projects, including homes of all sizes and ages.