Homebuilding and Renovation
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Oxendale, Street

This was an interesting project as work was just beginning at the start of the first lockdown in 2020.

Somerset Property Solutions was brought in as a contractor, rather than in a project management capacity, in order to refurbish the property, which dated back to the 1990s and sat on a corner plot.

Initially, the hope was to include a garage conversion as part of the project , but given tight budgetary constraints a decision was taken to carry that out at a later stage.

We did, however, manage to complete a new bathroom, cloakroom and open-plan kitchen dining room, plus new heating, plumbing, flooring and redecoration.

Working during lockdown – within the legal constraints and ensuring all those involved in the project were kept safe – required careful planning but we achieved our goals, everyone remained well and the customer was pleased with the results.