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Project Management

If you are planning a self or custom build; an extension or renovation project or simply wish to refurbish your home, you may have some concerns about how you’ll manage. Adding a building project into your daily routine can have much more of an impact than you might imagine. Without the necessary experience, managing building works is almost always a challenging task and taking on a project manager can be the best decision you make.

Project management may seem like an unnecessary additional cost, but it can greatly improve the quality of the finished work, help prevent mistakes being made on site and reduce the risk of overspend and delay. In most cases our fees are more than covered by the savings made on better labour, material sourcing and delay related costs.

What We Do

  • Initial design and planning of the project where required
  • We advise about planning permission, building regulation requirements, listed building consent and conservation area constraints among other things
  • Timetabling activities and milestones
  • Budget control – what to spend and where
  • Tendering – finding suitable contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers, and arranging quotes
  • Sourcing products and materials
  • Managing deliveries
  • Utilities – coordinating responsibilities between service providers and trades
  • Interior design planning and execution – we can advise on design and layout, and source fittings and materials. While we don’t claim to be able to substitute a professional interior design service, we do have a lot of experience in completing mid to high end developments
  • Photo archiving – creating a photographic record of works

Levels of Involvement

Main Contractor

A building contractor that incorporates all the trades may offer to manage the project as part of their overall fee. However, their inbuilt fee for this is likely to cover the cost of a dedicated project manager, focused on administering the project while the contractor manages the site and the build. This arrangement can work best on projects where permissions are required or conditions need to be met for Planning, Building Control or Conservation. Also when utility companies are involved or when a client requires particular materials and products to be sourced. A main contractor is very often happy to have these critical but often time consuming aspects of the job dealt with by someone else.

Trade by Trade, Subcontractor

We can work on a trade by trade basis, acting as your agent, employing and controlling all the building subcontractors (electricians, plumbers, carpenters, plasterers etc) directly on site on your behalf.  The project manager will schedule the works, coordinate deliveries, and brief and liaise with your individual tradesmen. This involves much closer and more intense management to knit together the sequence of events as seamlessly as possible, but is often the most cost-effective and can produce the best results. We would hand-pick tradesmen for the specific job according to a number of variables. The main one of these is skill level and labour cost associated with a particular phase of works.


We are often asked to give advice before someone embarks on a build project at home, or when a renovation or new build project loses momentum or goes wrong. Sometimes we might be asked to take over a job that has developed into a problem project. We are happy to offer a consultancy service to help you get your project on track or pull it back in line.


It is our experience that good communication is one of the most important considerations when managing a building project. Even with very thorough planning and preparation, as the project advances it is very common for the homeowner to tweak their requirements and there does sometimes need to be this “organic” element to the process, allowing for changes as the project develops. There can also be unforeseen events that trigger the need for a change in the plans, however small. Ensuring regular and timely communication on all sides helps everyone involved adjust, adapt and move forwards together in the same direction.

  • We ensure communication runs smoothly between everyone involved in the project, and help identify and avoid potential problems at an early stage (reducing time and cost over-runs).
  • Regular site visits to monitor progress and quality of work. Making day-to-day on-site decisions – having worked alongside the trades on our own projects you would be amazed how many questions are asked as to how something should be done. Without a quick answer, the tradesman may simply carry on as they see fit in the interests of getting the job done, sometimes to the detriment of the desired end result.
  • We are the point of contact for our clients throughout the project. Whether through regular on or off-site meetings, via phone calls and emails, we keep you informed of progress, the next steps and the timing of decisions required.
  • When contractors approach us with questions and problems, these can often be resolved without involving our client. If an issue needs to be referred to you, we will communicate this clearly to you with suggested solutions.

Support Network

We have an established network of professionals that we work with from quantity surveyors, structural engineers, and of course all the trades. We work closely with an established architectural technician and surveyor – alongside your project manager, he can often negate the need for an architect, saving significant fees. We have built good working relationships with local planning authorities, in particular with people working in Building Control, Planning, Conservation and Highways, who know who we are and how we work.


For most medium to large renovation/building projects, we charge an initial fee for the planning stages where appropriate. We then charge a percentage of the works cost (labour and materials) which we invoice for at agreed intervals.

For smaller projects, consultation and product sourcing, we charge an hourly or day rate. We will always agree a remit of work for each stage of such a project as different phases require different levels of involvement. Costs are frequently offset or outweighed by the discounts we gain on products through having trade accounts/discounts with suppliers and honed negotiation skills. We pass these on to our clients. We would invoice such projects on a monthly basis.

We are happy to discuss and construct fee packages for specific projects

labclogoWe work with LABC Warranty where appropriate, ensuring compliance with building regulations and standards across England, Wales and Scotland.

prs-logoWe are members of the Property Ombudsman-approved Property Redress Scheme.