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Now with 25 years’ experience working in the built environment, I was in my early 30s when I completed my first full property renovation. I lived in the cottage while working full-time and worked on it evenings and weekends, doing as much of the work myself as I could, employing trades where necessary. It was in a prominent location in the centre of a village designated a conservation area, and presented a multitude of challenges. I didn’t know at the time that I was cutting my teeth on something that was to become my career.

Once completed, I sold the cottage and moved to the Tuscan/Umbrian borders of central Italy. There I spent the next 10 years working as a project manager on the restoration and renovation of ruined farmhouses and derelict villas for an international clientele. I ran a small team of project managers, working with an estate agency before setting up my own company. Working with Italian bureaucracy, planning law and a different approach to timekeeping presented its own learning curve. Bridging the gap between absent foreign clients with high expectations and a local rural workforce to produce high standard completed properties, pools and gardens was immensely satisfying.

I returned to the UK in 2013 and have spent the last six years working on my own developments, getting back up to speed with current planning requirements and their challenges and opportunities.

I have completed the renovation/restoration of a number of houses for sale or rental: these included a detached, bespoke new-build house that was Highly Commended by Somerset Building Control Partnership in the Building Excellence Awards 2018.

I am currently working as project manager on a high-end, self build home in Bath. Among other projects, Somerset Property Solutions is also overseeing the complete renovation of a former townhouse, which later became a shop and offices and is now being converted back to residential, plus the green retrofitting of a character cottage.

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From the start we knew Steve was a man we could trust….he knew and understood the principles of project management, particularly regarding cost control and communications with both the client and the builders.

“Steve was a consummate professional throughout the project and earned our respect pretty well from the time we met him right through to final handover. I know also that the builders also held him in great esteem.

“We were totally satisfied with our pool project and would unreservedly recommend Steve as an honest professional who expects the highest standards from all concerned in a project and he himself leads by example in all aspects.”

– Bill Marsden.,


About seven years ago we first met with Steve. We had bought an old desolate farm house near Urbino (Italy) and we wanted the house to be restored and transformed into a beautiful vacation home.

“We wanted the project to be done professionally and with minimum hassle so we started looking for a project manager who would be able to bring in the right people and who would take responsibility for delivering the project on time and on budget.

“We are very pleased with the result – a fully renovated, beautiful house plus swimming pool. We are very pleased with the quality of the materials used, the finish and the harmony of it all.

“Steve has helped us enormously in making best use of the available space. We have found him to be a very pleasant person to work with. He is a good listener but he will not hesitate to provide unsolicited advice.

“Steve takes on responsibility, does not hesitate to take the extra step and has a very good eye for detail.”

– David and Loes,


Steve has developed a great project manager’s eye for design and detail, and an ability to steer clients towards maximising the potential for their homes.

“It is a rare and valuable talent to be able to translate the physical into workable, comfortable and enjoyable spaces for clients to live in. Within this Steve manages supplier relationships with skill and always with the client focus.

“Steve worked with me in my role as managing director of Italian Property srl for two years. He was a trusted and reliable member of my team.”

– Tim Hudson,


“I have worked with Steve on the sale of several finished properties. He has an eye for detail and creates beautiful homes from what may have once been considered undesirable properties. His knowledge of the whole process of project management is exemplary and I would thoroughly recommend him.”

– Sara Benham, Director,
i-Moove Estate Agents

oatley construction logoTestimonials:

“For customers with little or no experience of the construction industry or those not able to attend the ongoing works regularly, a project manager is essential.

“As a contractor, I feel having a good project manager adds cohesion to the job. My main responsibility is to carry out the building works in accordance to the specifications agreed. While I might be managing men and materials on multiple sites to get the job done, a dedicated project manager can take care of all the other issues that inevitably crop up, helping the client with decision options, sourcing material choices etc.

“They can also manage the overall accounts and work schedule, and act as go-between for builder and client, also pulling together other aspects of the project such as utilities and the requirements of the various council departments, down to the detailed specifications for the finishes.

“They also provide objective quality control and progress management and can often answer my questions or resolve issues without needing to always refer back to the client. “

– Kevin Oatley.,
Oatley Construction


“I would be delighted to write you a testimonial for the work you did on my cottage in Dartmouth.

“Firstly, mission was accomplished, the cottage sold! I got an offer within two weeks of you completing the works, having had Rock Cottage on the market for nearly a year before you started.

“As I was located two hours from Dartmouth and had a full time job, as well a family to look after, finding someone who could step in and manage the whole refurb to ensure a sale, was great.

“Your fee was good value for money given the speed at which you completed the job – just four weeks to re-carpet throughout, re-paint inside, add a new kitchen and give the bathroom a makeover, and also bring in some clever touches that really made all the difference.

“The fact you used your own guys, saved me money. I thought you were very fair passing 50% of all the savings you negotiated on to me, as I would not have been able to negotiate the rates you achieved on all goods purchased (kitchen, carpet etc).

“Your fee was also very fair given the speed you worked at and all the additional touches – dressing the property, liaising with the estate agents on my behalf. It helped me enormously that once I gave you the all clear, you took all necessary on-site decisions and always made very pragmatic calls.

“At all times I felt you had my best interests at heart. I achieved my target price for the property, so the money was well spent and more than recovered.”

– Tanya O’Connor.,


“From the very first meeting, I knew that Steve was the man for the job. He was so professional and organised, and it was clear that he knew his stuff.

“The estimate in terms of time and budget was very accurate; although, we finished two weeks ahead of schedule thanks to Steve’s hard work.

“What I liked about working with him was that he is so on the ball and organised that I never, ever had to chase anything.

“Steve is very transparent when it comes to costs so you always know what’s coming, and when, and if there is anything that may affect budget. He always negotiated prices with suppliers that were far more competitive than we could have achieved on our own and he also provided different price options or alternative ideas that were always helpful.

“He goes way above and beyond expectations and I would not hesitate to recommend him. We have a phase two of renovations planned for a garage conversion and Steve will absolutely be doing this for us!”

– Sara,

“Steve has worked with me for over a year as the project manager on the complete renovation of a listed house in Glastonbury.

“I was looking for a PM as I live remote from the house and could not be present every week.

“I selected him based on his extensive property renovation and letting experience, which includes interior design, as well as technical skills that mean he understands the work of all the contractors and is respected by them as ‘knowing his stuff.’

“His initial impression of being committed, genuine and diligent was borne out all the way through the project.

“He has been highly communicative with regular phone and email reporting including financial breakdowns, supervising and co-ordinating subcontractors and also making sure that the project has been undertaken in the most efficient and sensible way from a time and resources perspective.

“Steve is a pleasure to work with as he is punctual, offers solutions not just problems, and is easy to get on with. He can explain technical stuff in simple terms, which I have much appreciated.

“He has added value and longevity to my home by making sure good long term decisions were made on how works were done, involving a structural surveyor when appropriate, and recommending and bringing in quality contractors where required.

“The finished house more than meets my vision and is a credit to all who worked on her, and this was achieved this despite the Covid-19 disruption and my absence in the most part.”

– Glastonbury house

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