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Working from Wells, we manage the efficient execution and delivery of building projects including property restoration, renovation and refurbishment. We cover everything from kitchen/bathroom remodelling to complete new-build houses. We believe in delivering high standards in the most cost-effective way while ensuring that even the largest and most complex build project runs as smoothly as possible.


Our role is to minimise the time constraints and stresses our clients experience having work carried out on their properties. Our aim is to add value without adding cost.

What we do

We specialise in building, renovation and maintenance, taking on projects of all sizes. We can help with everything from project design and planning assistance to building, material sourcing and finishes. Our expertise also includes adopting eco/green technologies and materials, either intrinsic to a project or as a secondary consideration. This includes responsible retrofitting to upgrade the energy performance of a building using appropriate measures.



We also undertake project management. In many jobs, from construction through to decoration, appropriate preparation is key to a quality finish. The same goes for an entire project, which is why we spend time ensuring as much of the job as possible is planned thoroughly. Moving through the planning phase and on into the actual works themselves, keeping communication flowing is an important factor in achieving the best results.

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