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My work as project manager


My work as project manager

In a follow-up to last month’s blog, focusing on reasons for using a project manager, I thought I would look at what makes the role challenging and interesting for me.

My first experience of overseeing a building and renovation project was approximately 20 years ago.

I bought a small cottage in a quiet village and renovated it myself while also working full-time.

The decision to do this was partly money-saving but also because I was drawn to the idea of personalising my home rather than living with someone else’s choices.

It was a baptism of fire – I needed help from all the trades and experienced a steep learning curve throughout the course of the project – but I loved every minute of it!

Shortly afterwards I moved to Italy and was given the opportunity to become a project manager in Tuscany and Umbria.

This came with its own challenges but was an incredible experience and allowed me to learn everything else I needed to be able to work as I do today.

I still love being a project manager, working on a variety of projects, from extensions and conversions to renovations, restorations and new builds.

The most satisfying thing is ultimately delivering the client’s vision of their home, but I also get a real buzz from the organisational side of the job.

This can be anything from making endless calls to make things happen to finding the optimum way to achieve an aim.

Problem solving is fun and I relish being able to bring all the different elements of a project together on a daily basis.

It is true that inflexible planning regulations can stymie creativity and dealing with utility companies is frequently frustrating.

This becomes most challenging when coordinating multiple agencies to bring utilities to one point in a hole in the road on a certain day – it can be like herding cats!

But every day brings something new.

There are so many projects I would love to be involved with: grand designs, perhaps, unique, bespoke, individual dwellings, with high green credentials and amazing architectural quirks…..

Construction is certainly moving in this direction and I welcome the changes with open arms.

But I also love getting stuck into the smaller projects, working on ordinary homes for ordinary people.

For me, it is about helping my clients to realise their dreams and achieving the ideal home for them – ensuring they have a property that is everything they want it to be.

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